Introducing The LAE Tool Space

Developed to allow the safe storage of tools and equipment on-site


Introducing LAE Tool Space


Features and Benefits

  • Choice of 12ft or 16 ft tool space
  • 3 cabin doors for greater grass, 1 on side and 2 on the rear
  • Visually looks like our “comfort space” welfare unitm, attracting less attention
  • Hydraulically lowered axle arrangement is carried over so when located on-site, the LAE tool space is easy to load and unload
  • Anti- vandal design incorporating double locking door mechanism
  • Window with security shutter
  • High security door
  • Diesel generator, tubular heater and coat hooks
  • Recirculating chemical toilet, sink with hotwash, high security skylight, PIR LED light.


Our Eco+ and hybrid systems have been designed perfectly

  • Partitioned to allow area for heavier items like vibrating tampers, wheel barrows and heavy digging implements
  • Racking for small items like consumables, fixtures and fittings
  • Hose racks
  • Fuel Storage

Once the hydraulic remote control switch is lowered, it can be isolated from the inside, rendering the LAE welfare tool space an exceptionally secure location to store your business tools on-site.

Revolutionary Design

We have designed the LAE Tool Space around the standard mobile welfare unit which has a number of benefits. Constructed with high quality steel , corrugated for increased strength and with a very secure anti-vandal locking mechanism.

Internally, our tool spaces are tailored to your specifications, offering customizable configurations. Each unit boasts superior craftsmanship, featuring high-grade ply lining throughout the walls and roofing, ensuring durability. The flooring undergoes meticulous crafting using premium treated load-bearing ply, bolstered by a fuel and containment-resistant anti-slip surface. This comprehensive arrangement not only caters to your exact requirements but also underscores safety and durability. It furnishes a secure and adaptable area to efficiently organize tools while maintaining a resilient, safe, and functional environment within the unit.



LAE’s secure tool space provides a strategic advantage by enabling tools to remain safely stowed, eliminating the need for daily loading and unloading. This convenience significantly boosts productivity, preserving valuable work hours. Additionally, this solution effectively addresses weight and space constraints in vans, optimizing efficiency. By streamlining operations and offering a dedicated space for tools, it enhances workflow, allowing teams to focus on tasks at hand, ultimately contributing to a more streamlined and efficient work process.

LAE Tool Space Available Now. Nationwide Delivery!