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If you need to move goods and a group of people to your location, a crew van hire is a good option. A second sitting seat allows you to transport more workers while limiting the effects on the van’s cargo space.

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LAE Welfare Solutions, one of the leading welfare service providers, is dedicated to providing you with mobile towable welfare units and welfare vans for hire. When working in highway maintenance, industrial sites, utilities, events, building sites, and rail, our Crew van hire is the ideal solution to ensure that the individual has a safe and pleasant environment to work in. Our key markets include construction, railroad, utility contractors, local governments, renewable energy installers, buildings, and events, to name a few.

Our crew cabs all contain 6, 7, or 8 seats, unlike the average van’s three. We can help you pick the ideal van for the task by offering a variety of cars. At LAE, we have everything from small compact vans with the ability to swap in and out extra seating to larger vehicles with extended wheelbases and cargo capacity. The crew cab is a flexible vehicle used for various tasks.


Most Popular Welfare Vans and Units

Welfare Vans for Hire

6/7/8 Seat Welfare Vans

Whether you need a 6-seated, 7-seated, or 8-seated welfare van, we have everything that you are looking for.

15-Man Canteen Office

Need a 15-Man canteen office van that meets your welfare requirements? Get in touch with us to hire our welfare van services.

Welfare Accommodation

7-Man Welfare-Unit

Check out our 7-Man welfare unit that is designed to meet all welfare unit hire requirements for a range of industries.

Toilet Emptying Facility

Toilet Emptying Facility

We offer our customers nationwide toilet emptying and sanitation services on all LAE welfare vans and cabins.

A Versatile Method of Vehicle Rental

When you deal with LAE Welfare Vehicle Solutions, you get much more than a Crew van hire service. We are multi-service professionals with a lot of expertise and experience in creating solutions to meet all of your requests. We stay independent of the manufacturers, so our recommendations and purchases are unbiased and, in our client’s best interests.

We offer solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs for vehicles, vans, and welfare units since We acknowledge that no two customers have the exact requirements.

LAE Welfare Solutions

Since 2008, team LAE Welfare Solutions has been dedicated to providing their welfare services so that the people don’t have to suffer for the basic welfare facilities they need in outdoor working areas, such as construction sites. We are proud to inform you that we are offering Welfare Vans, welfare units for hire, Towable Welfare Units, and Site storage and accommodation units that could meet the welfare hire needs of companies in Manchester, London, and across the UK.

Within a couple of years, LAE Welfare Solution has become a trustworthy and leading leader supplying a wide range of customized Welfare Vans for hire as per the customer’s requirements. Feel free to contact us and tell us what you need. We will ensure that you get the exact welfare van to fulfill your employees’ needs.

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Why should you go with LAE welfare solutions?

We can provide the vehicle you want because we have a large selection of welfare and highway maintenance vehicles in several different forms and types. Please send us a message, and our knowledgeable team will assist you in obtaining it.

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LAE Welfare Solutions is a leading provider of welfare van rentals. They assist industries that demand outdoor workplaces and remote building sites. Furthermore, there will be no welfare amenities such as places to sit and be lighted, running water, or heaters.

LAE Welfare Solutions’ mission is to ease the challenges experienced by persons working outside, such as on construction sites, by providing the bare minimum of welfare facilities. We are glad to inform you that we have welfare vans, welfare units for rent, towable welfare unit hiring, and site storage and lodging units that might satisfy the welfare rental demands of enterprises in Manchester, London, and throughout the UK.

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