Welfare Cube

LAE’s Welfare Cube service comprises renting highly-customizable welfare vans, suitable for any location and any customer. The Cube in name Welfare Cube is used to symbolize a simplicity and compactness of our vehicles. All your welfare requirements are packed into a small cube – a mobile welfare van available for quick rental.

The general advantage of mobile welfare units is the fact that you can use them anywhere they are needed, they are very easy to move around the site, and even easier to set up and use.


As for our rental service and its advantages; first of all, it is a rental service, and if you have ever checked for how much buying a vehicle like this would cost, then you know why renting one is a much wiser solution.

Furthermore, when you are buying a welfare vehicle, your choice is limited to what the dealership has to offer. With LAE’s Welfare Cube service, there are no limitations. You can tell us everything about your needs and requirements, and we will quickly make all necessary modifications and deliver the vehicle you need. All work on our mobile welfare units is done in our own facilities, by our own engineers and mechanics, so you can be sure that you will receive the vehicle quickly and just the way you wanted.

Years of experience in the business has given us the experience required to understand and execute all special requirements defined by our clients. Give us a call and learn how we can help you delivering a highly-customized mobile welfare unit in no time.

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