Welfare Crew Tool Van Hire

Being able to transport your employees and their tools to the site quickly is of vital importance to your business. LAE Vehicle Rentals offers highly customizable crew vans, suitable for any business. All our vans have a spacious tool storage, but without sacrificing the capacity and comfort for your employees. Thus, the vans are available in 6/8/9-seater version. The number of seats depends on the size of the tool storage area you require, and whether you need a toilet or not. The vans with toilet facilities can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

However, all vans, whether they include the toilet facilities or not, are equipped with microwave, table, hot water boiler, hand wash unit, soap and towel dispenser, chemical WC compartment, PPE storage and drying area, and small tool storage drawers and area. Besides the fact that we provide welfare vehicle rental at the highest level of quality and flexibility, we are also knows as a cheap van hire solution. Naturally, the competitive price does not come at the expense of quality – LAE Vehicle Rentals maintains the maximum level of service.

As stated above, although being a cheap van hire solution, LAE Vehicle rentals provides maximum comfort for the customers. Thus, we even organize free pickups and collections around the city, which takes one more responsibility of your shoulders, enabling you to focus on your business without worrying about transporting your employees to and from the site. Your tools transport is also taken care of in the best possible way, as all our vehicles are equipped with large safe payload area dedicated to carrying equipment and tools, with “anchor down” points, large shelves and racking. The welfare vehicle rental service we offer provides a complete service to you and your employees, allowing your business to run as efficiently as possible.


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