towable welfare unit hire, mobile welfare unit

Towable Welfare Unit Hire

LAE towable welfare units hire service offers reliable and affordable solution for customers who are in need of mobile welfare cabins. Despite the fact that we offer cheap mobile unit rental service, the level of service we provide is among the top of the market. Our welfare cabins have multiple advantages over the competition.

Being very light, single-axle towable unit, the Groundhog GP360D is easily towed by almost any vehicle. It meets HSE requirements, and includes numerous safety features that make it one of the most secure towable unit on the market. It is also Network Rail approved. This towable welfare unit is as compact as it is lightweight, so you can park it practically anywhere you like. Despite its compactness, these towable welfare units are able to accommodate up to 6 passengers without sacrificing their comfort. They provide safe and pleasant work environment and satisfy all the on-site needs you might have.

Besides the fact that we offer top-quality and cheap mobile unit rental service, we also aim to make using our welfare cabins as easy as possible. Groundhog GP360D can be easily secured and manoeuvred on site, which takes no more than one person, and the entire process can be completed in less than 3 minutes. So LAE towable welfare unit hire service provides quality, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability, and all that at a very competitive price. Contact us for more information and find out why we have been the leaders in the market for so many years.



towable welfare unit hire, mobile welfare unit
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