portable toilet units

mobile self-discharge type toilet system is an effective and simple solution, suitable for almost any location. Rail, highway maintenance, utilities, and remote contracts are only some of the places and situations where our system has proven its superb flexibility and efficiency.LAE's approach to self-discharge type toilet system design is characterized by two main principles:
Flexibility and In-House-Workshop approach.


Our Flexible Approach came out from years of communication with our customers. Over the years, we have been listening about their experiences with our self-discharge type toilet system vehicles. They also shared with us many different praises, critics, and suggestions they had received from their customers. After carefully listening to and analysing this invaluable information, we have managed to make many adaptations and improvements to our vehicles. These improvements and adaptations were aimed to make our self-discharge type toilet system suitable and compliant to almost any possible location, situation, or event.

The In-House-Workshop approach refers to the fact that all work on our vehicles is being done by our own mechanics and engineers, in our own workshop. This allows us to modify our vehicles quickly - anytime our self-discharge type toilet system requires a modification in order for you to be able to utilise it at the highest level of efficiency, our mechanics and engineers are there to make the modification in no time. Besides being fast, this approach also gives us full control over the work done on the vehicle, and ensures the highest level of quality, which would have never been possible if we entrusted this task to someone outside the company.

Our designers, engineers, and mechanics are constantly educated about all changes and advances in the industry, which ensures our customer will always receive the highest level of service, impossible to match by any of our competitors.


portable toilet units



Our Friendly Family Style Business Approach Means


  • We Listen !!!
  • We React !!!
  • We Deliver !!!


6 and 8 Seater Welfare Vans with Large Tool Storage available !!!



All our "self discharge" vehicles come fully equipped with:-

Vanity mirror
3 stage hand care system
Towel dispenser
Ceramic self discharge toilet
Toilet roll holder
Toilet brush and holder
Pir censored lighting
Pir censored air freshener
Window and roof ventilation
400w microwave oven
Large on demand kettle for drinks
Key out facility
Twin double beacons
Under seat stowage
Fresh water containers

Optional Extras

Reverse monitor with colour screen
Blue tooth phone connection
Twin 240v power points
Vehicle tracking
20 Ltr Chiller for drinks and milk etc.
Elbow to wrist sink
Both hot and cold water in toilet/canteen area
GREEN POLICY waste water tank
Low water early warning
Central heating
Garment hangers
External and internal work lamps
Chapter 8 livery
Drying area
Tow ball and pin
Fitted front seat covers
Insulated water holding tank


portable toilet units



We have a large late model fleet of vehicles




portable toilet units
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